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Length: 16'   Width: 33"   Weight ~39 lbs.   Depth 14"   Bow Height 18"   Rocker 1.25"   Shallow Arch Hull

Choose the Cygnus if you want the lightest possible canoe, or you primarily use your canoe for day trips / lighter loads, or mixed solo-tandem use.  

The Cygnus is our best model for smaller paddlers*.  At 16 feet, the versatile Cygnus is small, light and maneuverable, while maintaining good glide.  Cygnus is surprisingly fast for a smaller canoe.  Cygnus can be configured with two or three seats (center seat for solo paddling or a small passenger traveling with two adults).  The standard 2-seat Cygnus can also be solo paddled from the front seat facing backwards.  Max recommended load, 550 lbs.  Gunwale width is 31". 

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Favorite Configurations:
-Stock: 2 seats, amazing lightweight, nimble and easy to paddle.
-3 seat: Mixed solo / tandem paddling with removable yoke option   

* Cygnus versus Leo for mixed-use paddling.  Generally, if you are a taller or larger paddler (say over 6 feet or over 180 lbs or so), you will be more comfortable in the Leo canoe.  But, taller paddlers can also more easily solo paddle the larger Leo canoe.   I.e. The Cygnus canoe can be a solo canoe or mixed use solo-tandem canoe for paddlers of all sizes, but as a tandem canoe, it is best for paddlers of average size or smaller.  The Leo canoe can be a tandem canoe for paddlers of all sizes, but it can also be a mixed use solo-tandem canoe for taller or larger paddlers.  

IMG_6465_2        Solo paddling the Cyngus canoe from the front seat

IMG_5884        IMG_5895       

3 seat kevlar canoe

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