Nighthawk Canoes is pleased to carry Peregrine Kayaks.  Paddling one of these kayaks, you can take pride it's handmade quality, and its high performance.  All are handmade one at a time, can be custom-configured to better suit you, and are among the lightest weight kayaks available.  Performance is fast and predictable, with excellent tracking and stability.  

Talon, 17', Performance Touring Kayak


Length 17' 2"     Width 21"     48 lbs   Lightweight Fiberglass Construction

Hard Chine, Shallow V Hull Design, Three Storage Hatches

Includes: Retractable Skeg, Adjustable Backrest, Rigging, Foot Braces and Thigh Braces

The Talon is an outstanding flat-water touring kayak with straight tracking, speed, excellent glide, and a snug performance-cockpit.

Keweenaw, 14',  Day Tripping Kayak


Length 14'     Width 23"     38 lbs     Lightweight Fiberglass Construction

Hybrid Shallow V Hull Design, Two Storage Hatches

Includes: Backrest, Foot Braces, Rigging, Thigh Braces

The Keweenaw is that rare and perfect combination of performance features: extremely stable, easy to paddle, excellent tracking, appropriate maneuverability, surprisingly fast, a roomy cockpit, and an easy to transport size and weight.  It is a perfect after-work kayak; a great performer for newer kayakers, and a relaxing day-tripper for more experienced paddlers, without being sluggish in the water.  

Peregrine Kayaks are handmade from strong and lightweight fiberglass composite.  They include rigging, foot braces, thigh braces, seat and adjustable backrest.  White is the stock color, which is lightest weight and coolest in the sun.  A variety of custom options are available when you order your kayak.


Notes:  The more time I spend in these kayaks, the more I like them.  At 6'2" and over 200 lbs, I find the kayaks very comfortable, with plenty of leg room, a well-designed thigh brace system, a well-placed seat, and one of the best back-bands available.  Jason has done a great job with the cockpit design to make paddling these kayaks a real pleasure... much better than many of the more expensive alternatives.  The Talon is very fast, but not intimidating to handle.  The Keweenaw remains docile in the waves.  The weight is exceptional on both kayaks.  Paddlers will experience a very short learning curve in getting used to these kayaks, and they are sure to be your favorite way to experience the water and the outdoors.   


Stock Colors, Free:  White, Blue, Red, Orange, Black.  (White is most popular... both lightest weight and coolest in the sun).

Custom Colors, $250  Submit a sample (like a paint sample card from the hardware store), and we can build your kayak in any custom color of your choosing.  Match your car, your house, your favorite sports team, get his and hers colors, or simply have one of a kind.   

Custom Seat, $60    An upgraded, extra comfy, foam and form fitting seat.

Rudder Assembly $250 (Keweenaw Only).  Prefer a rudder on your kayak for trim adjustments in windy conditions, no problem!   (Talon model includes a skeg and doesn't need / can't accept the rudder assembly).  

Custom Thigh Braces, free:  Order foam thigh braces cut to match your own measurements, for added comfort and that perfect "one with the kayak" feel.  Ask at the time of order for measurements.  

Aluminum Foot Brace Tracks, $75:  An upgraded and more finely adjustable foot brace system.

Under Deck Locker $69 (Keweenaw Only).  A handy and easily accessible storage area for small items you want to access while paddling.  

Suitcase Handles, Free:  Add Suitcase-style handles to more easily carry and move your kayak.  Standard.

Toggle Handles, Free:   Add Toggle style handles to more easily grab and move your kayak.  Not for carrying.  Option.

Security Bolts, Free:  Security bolts provide an easily accessible and secure point to tie down your kayak.  They simplify rigging if you choose to tie down your kayak so it can't blow away while you are camping, or if you  wish to use a cable lock system to store it at home.   

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Remember, these are not for river rapids, but are instead for touring on lakes and calmer rivers only.  


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