10/11/11 New removable yoke video posted.

9/18/11 New preview video now posted.

8/26/11 New delivery options in Madison, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, including Chicago.  New pics of the Cygnus 16 are posted.  

7/11/11 New removable yoke option.  Drop-In seat added to options.  New accessories available by request... life jackets, spray skirts, stabilizer kit, roof rack, motor mounts, sail kits and more.  

7/2/11 New ultra-light foam core option.  This new build option saves 5-6 lbs over our standard lay-up, and is considerably lighter than any other kevlar canoes out there.  Our prototype Leo 17 came in at just under 37 lbs, and that's a full 17'3" touring canoe!  

6/28/11 Extra large webbed seats now standard on all canoes. 

5/15/11 Demo Kayaks will be on hand by June 10.  New Online Order Form.

5/2/11 New lay-up options!  The layering of kevlar to form the canoe hull is called the lay-up.  I have found several lay-up configurations that yield great canoes, and you now have the option to choose between the basic lightweight (no charge) configuration, or several options that  enhance durability.  This includes the outfitter, utility, and ultra-tough configuration and the optional addition of side ribs.

4/27/11  Nighthawk Canoes is now carrying Peregrine Kayaks.  These unique kayaks feature performance and stability and are handmade, just like Nighthawk Canoes.  More info coming soon.

4/10/11  I am very pleased to have Nighthawk Canoes available for rental and sale at The Canoeist in Two Harbors, Minnesota.  There is now a Tandem 17 model on hand at Mike's shop.  The Canoeist will have Nighthawk Canoes available for sale, rental and demo.  

3/18/11 I am very pleased to announce that Nighthawk Canoes now carries the full line of paddles from Bending Branches.  These are some of the finest paddles available... beautiful, effective and lightweight.  Fitting in to the Nighthawk Canoes built-to-order model, the full line of Bending Branches paddles are available.  Any size, any model.  Get the perfect paddle for you, not just what happens to be in stock.

3/6/11 I am pleased to offer new lightweight options.  Combining an alternate rib reinforcement and new lightweight composite seats, the latest Tandem 17 weights only 38 pounds... lighter than the lightest models from other makers.  See options section for more information.  

Nighthawk Canoes is pleased to carry the two place canoe trailer from Portage Pal. This trailer is simple and lightweight, and can be pulled behind any vehicle.  A great option for one or two canoes.  Even with lightweight canoes, a trailer simplifies and speeds up loading the canoe for transport, and makes getting gear in and out of the car easier as well.  If you order the a trailer with a new canoe, I will deliver it assembled with your canoe.  You may also order the trailer alone, and have it shipped (unassembled) directly to your home.  See order form for pricing.  

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